The following list contains some of my guest bookings on CNN’s Reliable Sources, for whom I worked in 2010 and 2011

Dick Cavett - booked on Oct 22, 2010 to talk about Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s rally on Capitol Hill, also booked for Jan. 2 interview about his new book

Ari Berman - journalist for The Nation, booked for April 11 show to talk about the media frenzy over the ‘possible budget shutdown’ coverage

Steven Levy - writer for WIRED talks about the ethics of covering the medical condition of Apple CEO Steve Jobs

Adam Buckman (author of + Glynnis MacNicol (Editor for - booked on May 16 to talk about the shake up at NBC’s ‘Today Show’:

Howard Fischer - Chief Correspondent for Capitol Media Services in Arizona, booked for Jan. 9 show just one day after the shooting of Rep. Gabriel Giffords. Fischer appears approximately 14 minutes in to this video:

Clarence Page - Columnist and senior editorial board member of The Chicago Tribune booked for April 24 show to talk about the media coverage of Donald Trump’s political antics:

Bill Carter - Columnist for the New York Times, author of ‘The War for Late Night,’ booked for Nov. 14 show to talk about the return of Conan O’Brien to late-night television:

Rome Hartman - former senior producer for CBS Evening News, BBC World News, booked for March 20 show to talk about the dangers of international reporting

Rachel Sklar - Editor-at-Large for Mediaite, booked to talk about the consequences of dangerous and heightened political rhetoric